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The 'Happiness in a world full of people' Album Cover
Dale Goodridge recording Acoustic Guitar

I am a solo artist, musician, songwriter and singer from the UK now living in Melbourne, Australia.


 My music is mainly rock. A throwback to the classic albums of the 70’s with a contemporary edge and production. From acoustic soft rock ballads to heavy and energetic rock. I take great care over the audio and have made an album people can listen to on headphones and on a good system. The atmosphere and feel is what I am aiming for with my music as well as good songs.


 I play all the instruments myself apart from the drums. I aim to sound like a full band playing together with different personalities and styles.


Over the past four years, I have worked very hard to promote myself on social media and have thankfully developed a nice listener base and following of people from all over the world who enjoy my work.


 In summer 2013, I went to Los Angeles to play three weeks of Acoustic gigs, something I have always wanted to do. I had a fantastic time in LA, met some wonderful people and played some great (and no so great) gigs. I also ate lots of Mexican/Tex Mex food (mmmm Burritos).


 I learned a lot about myself and my personal limits on this trip. It actually helped me grow - not just as an artist, but as a person, too.


 I made the plan of finishing the recording of all the songs I have in my home studio, then see if I could record at a great, world class studio to make my album as good as it can possibly be.


 I recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool UK from January - March 2014.


Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys,The 1975, Jake Bugg, Keane, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, The La's and The Coral have all recorded great music I love there.


I had a great time and the album, ‘Happiness In A World Full Of People’ is the result of my efforts, and I’m extremely proud of it! I hope you enjoy it too!

Dale in a Mexican restaurant

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I host a weekly live stream on Youtube called '#GamerGate and #Music'. I play some live Acoustic versions of my music and then speak to a different interesting and creative guest each week.

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I am now a curator on a site called 'Fluence'. I have asked to be involved due to my experience and continued hard work as a self promoting solo artist.


You can submit your music and videos to me and I will review them and give honest feedback and advice on how you can maybe improve your work and maximise your visibility online with social media. I will also share and connect you with the relevant people who could help make you a success!


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